Hello readers/inspectors/onlookers, I do hope the Vegedward Magazine finds you well and happy and if not have a read/inspection/look and get happy.
You might as well know that I am the one here who deals with the wordy side of things, since Vegedward cannot speak for himself. I read and write a lot of poetry so they'll be heaps of the stuff. While writing this I'm listening to Godspeed You! Black Emperor 'East Hastings' and recommend a listen, especially if you like bagpipes.
And here we have a poem by D. H. Lawrence called 'Cherry Robbers':

Under the long dark boughs, like jewels red
In the hair of an Eastern girl
Hang strings of crimson cherries, as if had bled
Blood-drops beneath each curl.

Under the glistening cherries, with folded wings
Three dead birds lie:
Pale-breasted throstles and a blackbird, robberlings
Stained with red dye.

Against the haystack a girl stands laughing at me,
Cherries hung round her ears.
Offers me her scarlet fruit; I will see
If she has any tears.

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