Filthy Diesel

Tune into Filthy Few live on the airwaves on Diesel Radio.

Thursday 28th May (TOMORROW!!!) 12pm - 1pm.
Portasound feature alongside some very special guests such as Filthy Dukes,and Nockall plus a live session from Futurecop! Click the link below. Show us some love and support or we will find you and cut up your summer bed sheets and you will have to use the winter duvet that makes you sweat for the whole of july!

Also....listen to these fine songs by us,Portasound.

Whenever i tell someone the name of our band i always hav eto say it twice. Why is that? Im not quite sure. But then i had a thought on the matter. What if calling your band 'The.. whatevers' allows your listener that split second to start listening to your band name. So in practive i would say; My band is called Portasound, and you would only here the word sound. then you would ask again because sound cant possibly be a name for a band can it? NO. So what if i said we are called THE Portasounds? then your ears would pick up what i was saying about the tike i finsih saying THE and you would hear me in full flow say PORTASOUND. Hmm have i gone mad? Maybe so.

Maybe you could use it for ALL sentances to make sure people heard you right. So in a shop i might say 'THE hello id would like those shoes in a 10 pleaseS' and the shop keep would hear it all.... Right?


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