Pivot on the Factory Floor

You will have to excuse my poor writing skills today but i am suffering a bit from sleep deprivation, its been a big week.
Last thursday nights at Hoxton Bar was an epic journey through the sonic soundscapes of 2 great bands.
Portasound played first and we had a really great time. When we had finished we were ready to relax and enjoy the evening....and we really bloody did.

Factory Floor

I hadnt heard of these guys before and watching them in soundcheck was very interesting. Lots of feedback, lots of drums, lots of synth. Thier first track featured a heavy synth arpeggio bass which pretty much set the tone for the next half an hour. It was deep and dark and fast and would have been a perfect shock to the system at 3am at an electronic festival. Basically it sounded like Joy Division had come back to life and got mangled up in a 303, lost and frankly better off there! Please please follow them until you see them live.


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