4 Minute Warning Remixes

Got sent some amazing remixes of 4 minute warning over the past few days. As the competition is coming to a close i thought i would post a few of the best in a bid to coax a few last remixes out of you brilliant minds.

Tiny Bit Associates Ash-RA's hell mix
First up is the mental mind of Tiny Bit Associates. They plummet into the mix with a heavy dubstep beat accompanied by a dutty big snare! After a few turns of the filthy bass and a cheeky cowbell it shifts gear into a speedier dance track by way of a amen-break style loop. Really nice to hear a mixture of styles in the tune.

Valuetime Remix
Great to hear a drum and bass remix. Massive atmospheric intro gives way to tight cheeky dnb loop. Some sweet hipass filtering of the main riff helps a awesome drop into the track with a really nice use of the original bass guitar parts and a classic dnb sub bass. The shift into the bridge bass section holds perfeclty and on the second drop a bad boy bongo adds to the pace. Reminds me a bit of DnB from around the early days, almost LTJ Bukem in style. Look out for the 3am, drug fueled strings sequence in the middle!

Lalory Remix
Lalory has gone for a deep start to the remix. A driving bass gives the track a totally different mood and the layered synths build up a nice pattern of sound. Nobody could have expected the sax to drop in, but it does, in a way not to dissimilar to an Avalon track i had heard a while ago. The track builds really nicely to a point where it really comes alive in carnival style. Steel drums and snares end the track on a drivingly dark latin trip. Amazing.

Love all three of these mixes and hope you do too! Cheers guys and well done!

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