Music sounds better with a warning!

They say all good things come to those that wait. Now I don’t know what that means but i do know it has been a while since Portasound had a release as exciting as this!

Today marks the release of ‘Music Sounds Better with Huw’ described best by Huw Stephens himself; ‘Variety is the name of the game. There’s disco beats and acoustic warmth, strung-out blissfulness and indie rock’n'roll. I wanted it to be an exciting listen and there’s such a variety of good new music around it couldn’t be anything other than exciting. They sit track by track beautifully!’ and its all for 79p!

But we are not just talking about this album because its brilliant. There is a Portasound track on it. Oh yes. And it is our brand new track, ‘4 Minute Warning’ also described best by Huw; ‘With hot … building grooves, synths and casios are king in Portasound’s world. They turn the glum into fun and make pop hot again, which is just as magic live as it sounds on this compilation.’

So go have a little listen and if you like it you know what to do; defy logic, go against the grain, do what your nanna told you…buy some music!

You can watch a live performance of 4 Minute Warning recorded at Cargo in Shoreditch right here:

Link to download on iTunes

Music sounds better with you

Other places to go jus for a laff:

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