Plank Shanty Remix

Thanks to the lovely 'Live at Kalibou Beach' we have a new remix to show you, to listen to, to hear.
They got in touch and asked for the parts to the Portasound track 'Plank Shanty' and we were oh so happy to hand them over. It seemed one of the more unusual tracks to want to remix so we were eager to see what they came up with.

Live at Kalibou beach are a 2 piece set up from Germany and although there is not much of a description on their page you can see where they are coming from pretty quickly after a few bars listening. Described as Electro / Showtunes / Powerpop and sounding a bit like Crystal Castles in a Mega Drive they have twisted Plank Shanty up and swapped that plank for a bag of speed.

Listen here:

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