F is a letter and a key

I thought it had been too long since i talked about music so here it is.
These are three bands that are not making me feel bad about the ever encroaching autumnal signs all around. They will hold back the blue and raise the mood. Won't they? I honestly don't know.

Future Islands - Old Friend

These guys are great. They make me feel very alive as a think back to watching the lead singer, all sweaty and large like Jack Black shot out of an 8-bit canon into a crowd of twee chipmunks. Not only does he look a bit like Jack Black but he is every bit the performer, except i'm sure he has the voice of a 60's soul diva inside him...

Catch them at the Lexington on Sep the 18th LAST.FM LINK


Fanfarlo - The Walls are Coming Down

Fanfarlo have made a video for the second single from their album – “The Walls Are Coming Down”.

The Guardian are now premiering the video, which features a classic Houdini trick: the upside-down strait jacket escape. It’s performed by one of the very few active escapologists in Europe.


Francois & The Atlas Mountains - One voice in the noise

This chap Francois is brilliant. His little quaint voice creeps out from behind the woodwork of his instruments and out through the bright light of a sunny crop of corn. This may not make much sense but i think the point i'm making is he is good. Really good.

This is a track off his recent EP called 'Her River Raves Recollections'. Its a beautiful track that lifts your spirit.


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