Wedding Day

I just discovered this little gem. Beautiful stripped back folk riffs and lazy, sweet lady vocals. Perfect sunday afternoon, cycling in a woollen jumper, back from the pub, open fire, glass of port on your return music.

Spotify link Nate Lithgow – Wedding Day

A classically trained violist who got her start backing up performers like Kanye West and Duncan Sheik as well as Asthmatic Kitty artists like Sufjan Stevens and My Brightest Diamond, Marla Hansen began performing her own material in earnest in the early 2000s. Hansen’s diminutive, eclectic, folky songs nodded in many ways to Stevens’ work, not to mention other chamber pop-oriented indie artists like the Tiny, Jesca Hoop, and Joanna Newsom. Her debut EP, Wedding Day, was released on Standard Recordings in the fall of 2007, and featured contributions by Stevens (notably on the track "Shuffle Your Feet"). Guitarist Sebastien Kreuger and bassist Nate Lithgow also appeared on the disc, and they backed up Hansen in her live performances. ~ Margaret Reges, All Music Guide

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